Find stuff from your phone or vice versa..

It is pretty rare these days to find cool stuff for made for the phone, especially because I feel that most things these days are duplicates on new ideas. Well this is as well but it improves dramatically on the old one. I have used a few key-finder solutions in the past and they all suffer from the same problem

1. You need a base unit, which is never handy
2. You need batteries in the base unit and the one you attach to your keys.
3. The system dies reasonably quick and you dont bother with the batteries and you stop using it all together.

Here is something new I came across that seems to address all of the concerns. pretty neat. Now if only there was one for android.

How are you Sir Spamalot

A neat trick I learned today from Kevin Rose.

If you a using Gmail as you personal email and are giving it out to sites that you don’t trust, give them instead. Use any word after the plus as your unique spam filter. So for example, could be used to filter all emails when you apply for jobs. You can create filters based on from to easily filter spam.

Neat huh?